Generate service billings on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis for activities within the City. Obtain billing information through written and verbal communication with the various departments, divisions and outside vendors within the scope of the commercial funds. Communicate this information in a timely and efficient manner to all City customers and/or Hallandale Beach property owners.

Customer Relations
Provide answers to inquiries and resolve complaints on billing or service problems. Provide a positive message regarding the City and its staff to new residents when signing requests for City services.

Accounts Receivable/Cashier
Receives and records in the appropriate General Ledger account money collected by the City.

Pursue the collection of all outstanding revenues by sending delinquent notices to past due customers, filing liens, telephoning debtors, mailing a series of final request letters, stopping City services and forwarding the debtor to the City Accounting Clerk III for additional collection procedures.

Clerical Assistance
This division also oversees the reception service for the City's communication switchboard.