Charter Review Committee (CRC)

(7 Members*)

Duties & Responsibilities:

The Committee meets on a periodic basis, as needed, to identify and address issues of concern to the City relevant to its Charter. The committee shall study the existing City Charter with the view to improve the Charter to provide for the preservation of the general health, welfare and safety of the inhabitants of the City, and to make recommendations to the City Commission for amendments and/or revisions to the Charter. The committee shall act only in an advisory capacity to the City Commission. 

*The committee shall be made up of individuals appointed by the City Commission on or before the first Tuesday of November 2019, by motion of the Commission, and again every eight (8) years thereafter, on or before the first Tuesday of November, and shall continue to exist until the committee renders the report described in subsection (g) of Section 8.01 Charter Amendment. This provision shall not be construed to preclude the City Commission from appointing a Charter review committee at any other time. Each City Commissioner shall nominate one (1) member of the Charter review committee. Nominations shall be approved by a majority vote of the City Commission. The City Commission shall select two (2) additional committee members by majority vote in an effort to assure diversity within the committee.

Anthony Adelson 11/6/2019 - 5/6/2020 Mayor Joy F. Cooper
Brian Stewart 02/05/2020 - 5/6/2020
Vice Mayor Sabrina Javellana
Irina Cotler ​11/6/2019 - 5/6/2020
Comm. Mike Butler
Etty Sims 11/6/2019 - 5/6/2020
Comm. Michele Lazarow
Howard Garson 11/6/2019 - 5/6/2020
Comm. Anabelle Lima-Tuab
Eve Paul 11/6/2019 - 5/6/2020
 At-Large Appointment
Michael Wead 11/6/2019 - 5/6/2020  At-Large Appointment

Meetings Held: 

Every other Tuesday beginning January 7, 2020 at 10:00 am in the City Commission Chambers.

** Video recordings of Charter Review Committee meetings are obtainable by request from the City Clerk's Office.  Please email request to

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