Parks & Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB)

(10 Members)

Duties & Responsibilities:

The Board shall make recommendations concerning the operation of all public parks, playgrounds, undeveloped park lands, public beaches and other recreational facilities within the City. Recommend to the City Commission and the City manager from time to time actions which it believes the City Commission should take with reference to the acquisition, development and maintenance of parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities in the City. Recommend rules and regulations for the operation of City parks, playgrounds and public recreational facilities. 

 Howard Garson  2/6/2019 - 11/3/2020  Mayor Joy F. Cooper
 Von Thomas  2/6/2019 - 11/3/2020
 Mayor Joy F. Cooper
 Javonta McCoy  9/18/2019 - 11/3/2020  Vice Mayor Sabrina Javellana
 Irvon Plummer  8/7/2019 - 11/3/2020  Vice Mayor Sabrina Javellana
 Robert Perlman  2/6/2019 - 11/3/2020
 Comm. Mike Butler
 Karen Garson  2/6/2019 - 11/3/2020
 Comm. Mike Butler
 Gerald Dean  2/6/2019 - 11/3/2020
 Comm. Michele Lazarow
 Gloria Stoner  5/22/2019 - 11/3/2020  Comm. Michele Lazarow
 Leo Grachow  2/6/2019 - 11/3/2020
 Comm. Anabelle Lima-Taub
 Barbara Southwick  2/6/2019 - 11/3/2020
 Comm. Anabelle Lima-Taub

Meetings Held: 

2nd Thursday of Each Month at 6:00 p.m. at the Cultural Center. 

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Agendas and Minutes, please click here.