HB Drinking Water


The City of Hallandale Beach, along with the EPA, recommends that you continue to use and drink City water as usual.  The presence of the virus has not been detected in any drinking water supplies. Based on the current evidence, the risk is low that it will affect any supply of water.   For more information on coronavirus COVID-19 as it relates to our public water system, please visit this information site provided by the Environmental Protection Agency.

We know some of you were not able to secure toilet paper recently and are depending on other types of wipes (paper towels, "flushable wipes", baby wipes, tissues, etc.) in the bathroom. PLEASE do not flush anything other than toilet paper down your toilet. Other items including “flushable” wipes, baby wipes, sanitizing wipes, tissues, paper towels, and diapers will not dissolve in our sewer pipes and system and will cause clogs and breaks in our system. To avoid service disruptions of sewer service and even sewage spills, please only flush toilet paper down the toilet. If you’re using something other than toilet paper, please throw it out instead of flushing it.