Hallandale Beach continues phased Reopening:

Broward County has issued Emergency Order 20-15 Emergency Order 20-14 allowing additional permitted activities on our beach and allowing massage and tattoo parlors to open.  

This new order amends the Broward County Phase One and subsequent Emergency Orders. Hallandale Beach Emergency Order 20-09 details the requirement for commercial gyms to obtain an inspection before opening.

Broward Excluded from State’s Phase 2 Recovery

Per the Governor’s Executive Order, except for the tri-county area, the rest of Florida is moving to Phase 2 of recovery starting on Friday, June 5th. Per the Order, the Broward County Mayor (and Miami/Dade/Palm Beach) can make a written request to the state to enter Phase 2, subject to the State’s approval.

Phase 2 allows for bars and other venues licensed to sell alcohol for on-premises consumption to operate at 50 percent (excluding nightclubs) and for entertainment establishments such as movie theaters, concert houses, auditoriums, playhouses, bowling alleys, and arcades to operate at 50 percent with appropriate social distancing between groups and proper sanitation.  

The Order also provides for the prior virtual meetings order to be in place until June 30, 2020.

Able to reopen

The following Hallandale Beach businesses and establishments may now open in whole or in part subject to certain limitations such as occupancy limits, sanitation requirements, and other requirements including facial covering requirements for all workers and public utilizing the business as outlined in Attachment 1:

  • Restaurants and food establishments per requirements in Attachment 2
  • Retail establishments per requirements in Attachment 3
  • Personal Services including Barbershops, Cosmetology Salons, Cosmetology Specialty Salons, Massage and Tattoo Parlors per requirements in Attachment 4
  • Boating and Marine Activities per requirements in Attachment 9.
  • Commercial Gyms and Fitness Centers, after obtaining an inspection by the City’s Code Compliance Division per requirement in Attachment 14 and EO20-09
  • Effective June 15th: Bowling Alleys, Arcades and Indoor Amusement per requirements in Attachment 17
  • Effective June 15th: Pari-Mutual Facilities with approved reopening plans
  • Effective June 15th:Vacation Rentals per requirement sin Attachment 18
  • Effective June 15th: Concert Houses, Auditoriums, and Playhouses approved reopening plans

Pools, Pool Decks, Community Rooms, Fitness Centers, and Gyms in multi-family housing developments may open with the guidelines provided in Broward County Emergency Order 20-12 which is amended by Broward County Emergency Order 20-13 as follows:

  • Attachment 11, Number 1 amended to read: Such pools and pool decks are used only by current residents of the housing development and their families (if authorized by the housing development, which may impose more stringent restrictions). No other guests shall be allowed.
  • Attachment 6, Section A2 amended to read: Community rooms, fitness centers, and gyms shall be limited to residents of the housing development and their families (if authorized by the housing development, which may impose more stringent restrictions) only. No other guests shall be allowed.

Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts, and other Recreational Amenities that are located within housing developments may open for exclusive use by residents provided restrictions are followed.

It is essential to note that DBPR allows housing developments to place additional restrictions, if desired.

Approved Beach Concessions including Condominium Chair Service for residents, may now reopen in compliance with applicable requirements in Broward County Order 20-12,as amended, including Attachment 1 and Attachment 15. Concessions or beachfront properties that provide shared use equipment (chairs, loungers, umbrellas, etc) must sanitize the equipment between each customer.

Please keep in mind businesses are not required to reopen.  Businesses may reopen if they wish and are able to abide by the requirements in Emergency Order 20-14. If an establishment does open, it may choose to impose stricter requirements on its employees or customers. To determine if a particular business is open and what requirements may apply to employees or customers of that business, please reach out to the business directly.

  • Bars, pubs, nightclubs, banquet halls, cocktail lounges, cabarets, and breweries (except for carry-out or delivery services as allowed)
  • Concert Halls, auditoriums, playhouses, bowling alleys, and arcades through June 14th and until a reopen plan is approved.
  • Vacation Rentals unless allowed by Florida Order 20-87 through June 14th.
  • Commercial Gyms and Fitness Centers until an inspection is completed by the City’s Code Enforcement Division.
  • Pari-Mutual Facilities unless allowed by Florida Order 20-123 through June 14th and until a reopen plan is approved
  • Hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms and shower facilities must remain closed.
Follow the rules:

Penalties for violating requirements will be prosecuted as misdemeanors, including a fine of up to $500 and/or up to 60 days in jail.

Per CDC guidelines, whenever you are outside your home, keep at least six feet between you and any person who does not live in your household. 

All persons are encouraged to avoid congregating in Groups over fifty (50).

Facial coverings help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and help keep you and those around you safe. Facial coverings are in addition to, and not a substitute for, the required social distancing. Absent an express exception, facial coverings must be worn by:

  • Workers during in-person interactions with the public.
  • Persons obtaining any good or service from an open business or establishment.
  • Restaurant workers while preparing food, unless doing so would pose a hazard or health risk.
  • All persons, whenever Social Distancing Cannot be Maintained.
  • All other persons required to wear facial coverings under Broward County Emergency Order 20-12
  • CALL (954) 357-9500 to reach Broward County for questions about what is and is not permitted to reopen.
  • CALL (954) 457-1390 to report business not following the rules, or code concerns.
  • CALL (954) 764-4357 to reach the non-emergency number for the Hallandale Beach Police Department.  This line is available 24/7.
  • CALL (954) 457-1489 to reach the City of Hallandale Beach Resident Hotline from 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday.
  • CALL (954) 787-2055 for the City of Hallandale Beach CRA Business Hotline open from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.
  • CALL 311 to report suspected Emergency Order Violations.
  • While this phase of reopening is a step toward the new normal, things are not yet normal.  Do not let your guard down.
  • Treat everyone you meet as an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19.  
  • Continue to practice 6 feet of social distancing and wear a facial covering when outside of your home.
  • Check back for updates and follow the City on Social Media @MyHBeach for up to date information.

Please see State of Florida Emergency Orders, Broward County Emergency Orders and Hallandale Beach Emergency Orders for further requirements.

Frequently asked questions are answered here.


Hallandale Beach City Hall is open to the public with limited scheduled services for the Building Division and Code Compliance Department.   

The Building Division and Code Compliance office hours for in person assistance will be from 8am to 3pm Monday through Wednesday. All other City departments remain accessible via telephone at (954) 457-1489 Monday through Friday 8am - 6pm.  

You must wait outside City Hall before entry.  For your safety, only two (2) people will be allowed in the lobby at the same time.   You will be required to wear a facial covering and have your temperature taken prior to entering the building.  There will be two lines: an appointment line and a walk-in line.  Please find your way through the appropriate line for service and be sure to maintain six (6) feet between you and your neighbors.

While walk-ins are welcome, appointments for service from the Building Division and Code Compliance Department are preferred.  We strongly encourage you to make a virtual appointment by using this link or by calling (954) 457-1383 Monday through Thursday 7am -5:30pm.

City Operations Updates are available here.


The City of Hallandale Beach welcomes our residents back to the Beach and selected parks in a limited reopening to the public.   Rules of use, what is and what is not permitted, and hours of operations may be found on our Park’s Department reopening webpage.  

The Joseph Scavo Dog Park is open with restrictions.  Please visit for guidelines and restrictions.

The remaining park facilities, including community centers, athletic facilities, and pools will remain closed until further notice.

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