Off Leash Dog Areas

There are two off-leash dog areas in Hallandale Beach located at Golden Isles Park and Joseph Scavo Park.  Each park offers a small dog area for dogs under 30 pounds and a large dog area. 

Our off-leash dog areas are open 7am to dusk six days per week unless closed for maintenance.  Golden Isles is closed every Thursday, Joseph Scavo is closed every Wednesday.

Dog Area Rules:

Golden Isles Off-Leash Dog Area

Joseph Scavo Off-Leash Dog Area

Please help us keep our off-leash dog areas open, safe and clean for our pets.

Chapter 6 of the Hallandale Beach Code of Ordinances addresses Animal issues in our City. 

Residents and visitors are reminded that animals are not permitted in public parks or beaches except for the off-leash dog areas at Joseph Scavo and Golden Isles Parks.

The owner or person in control of an animal is responsible for immediately eliminating any feces on public areas and properly disposing of same.

Dog Heat Stroke