The City of Hallandale Beach Grants Team has secured over $30 million in grants by fiscal year 2022 since the inception of the Grants Program in 2018, signaling its commitment to enhancing resident services.


 As of July 31, 2023, the City grant portfolio included 35 grants and revolving loan programs with a total value of $57.1M. 

Grant funding supports:

  • Response to COVID-19 pandemic
  • Recreation activities for senior
  • Dunes Restoration
  • Austin Hepburn Senior center 
  • Public transportation
  • Food vouchers for residents
  • Enhancement of marine patrol 
  • Electric vehicle parking and charging stations
  • Enhancement and support to afterschool tutorial enrichment program
  • Drainage projects
  • Police department operations and administration
  • Water and sewer projects

List of all awarded grants for FY 2022.

(Grant Master List) 


Major grant contracts awarded in FY 2022: 

  • ARPA - American Rescue Plan $19.9M 
  • FDOT- Service Development Grant $900k 
  • FIBRS - Implementation Assistance Program $65k
  • Infrastructure:  $2.8M
  • Infrastructure:  $14.9M