What bills are under General Billing category?
  • Police Services 
  • Health Care 
  • Cemetery
  • Annual Fire Inspections 
  • Annual Fire Lines Inspections
  • Hazard Materials Permit (Hazmat)
  • Annual Grease Trap Inspection
  • And more

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1. What bills are under General Billing category?
2. When is my bill due?
3. How can I pay my bill?
4. How can I make a change to my mailing address?
5. I have older invoices due. How will my payment be applied?
6. When I processed my payment. Is that payment posted on my account immediately?
7. I processed my payment yesterday, but the charge is not posted on my bank account/credit card statement yet. Why?
8. Why do I have multiple customer numbers (CID)?
9. Have other questions regarding your bills?
10. What is the City Fiscal Year?