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Free Water Conservation Devices Application

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    The City reserves the right to deny any application that may not meet the program’s intent and/or requirements. The water conservation devices are free of charge; however, the City can only hand out as many units as there is funding. The installation cost is the applicant’s sole responsibility; applicant agrees to have devices properly installed in a Hallandale Beach property within 30 days of delivery. The applicant agrees to allow the City or a designated representative to inspect and confirm water conservation device installation. The City does not endorse these products, nor is it responsible for any type of damage that may occur to the applicant’s property as a result of the installation of the products. The City cannot guarantee lower water bills as the result of this installation, since these depends on the user actions. The undersigned acknowledges that the water conservation devices will be installed in accordance with the terms herein established and accepts full responsibility for this installation.

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