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1. What should I do when I receive the 40 Year (and Older) Building Safety Inspection Program letter?
2. Does the City Complete Structural Assessments
3. Does 40 Year Building Safety Inspection Program only apply to Condominium and Apartments?
4. What is the purpose of the 40 Year (and Older) Building Safety Inspection Program?
5. I want to sell/buy property. How can I know that the property has passed the 40 Year Inspection?
6. Do I have to pay for the inspection?
7. What if a property built 40 years (or more) ago was never listed?
8. Does each unit of an apartment building or condominium need to be inspected?
9. What can I do if I did not meet my deadline for my 40 Years Inspection?
10. Will an inspector from the City come out?
11. I did a complete interior demolition/renovation of my property. Am I exempt from the program?